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A man out of British Columbia, Canada won a $50,000,000 lottery jackpot prize in the Canadian Lotto Max game. He’s still in shock over the win and is not quite sure what he’s going to do with the money. I’m sure our LottoGopher blog readers could give him a suggestion or two about what he should do with this newly won lottery fortune. Here’s the story from The Province.

$50-million lottery man ‘still in shock’

By Laura Baziuk, The Province November 1, 2010

It appears the reality hasn’t sunken in yet for a Vancouver man who won last week’s $50-million Lotto Max jackpot.

The Kitsilano resident went back to the Mac’s convenience store Sunday morning, where he first learned that he held the lucky ticket, to pick up some cigarettes with his brother.

“Still a regular customer,” employee Navinder Kalra told The Province. “He said he’s still thinking what to do [with the money]. He’s still in shock.”

The man, not yet identified by the B.C. Lottery Corp., is in his 60s and goes into the store at Broadway and Hemlock about twice a week to buy lottery tickets.

Cashier Sunil Arora said the man went in Saturday afternoon to check the ticket, initially, didn’t believe his good fortune, and called a BCLC hot line to confirm the numbers. Read the whole story…


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