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Serendipity is a beautiful thing. Some things in life really do happen through meaningful coincidences. The world of lottery winners is filled with stories about people beating the odds through luck that defies logic.  On May 9, Susan Glenn of  Boise Idaho purchased the winning ticket in the state’s $500,000 Spring Raffle.  As it turns out, this is also the date of her father’s birthday. Susan believes that this is a sign that he is still looking out for her. Here is the story published by

Boise woman bought winning $500,000 raffle ticket on her late father’s birthday

A Boise woman has come forward with the winning ticket in the Idaho LotteryÂ’s $500,000 Spring Raffle.

Susan Glenn said she bought the ticket on May 9 at the Big Smoke store on Broadway — the same day as her late father’s birthday.

“I told myself that day I just needed to get down to the store and buy a couple of those raffle tickets because it was my father’s birthday,” Glenn said.

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