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The deadline is rapidly approaching for this soon to-not-be-millionaire to claim his or her lucky winning lottery ticket. As reported by The Examiner, on June 11th, 2010, if the lucky jackpot winner doesn’t claim their lottery prize by August 30th, 2010 the ticket will be voided. It was an Oregon Megabucks ticket with lucky lottery numbers 3-24-24-35-40-43, purchased in Milwaukie, OR. So if you purchased a ticket Oregon Megabucks ticket in Milwaukie, it might be worth a gander back at your tickets… hopefully the winner still has it and can claim it in time. You’ll never miss your prize with LottoGopher! Here’s the whole story.

Large Oregon Lottery Win Still Unclaimed

Many times when a lottery prize is won, especially a large lottery prize, the win is claimed immediately or within a few days. But in some instances the win is never claimed and millions will go to the state. The Oregon Lottery is currently looking for a winner of a $2.2 million prize that has yet to be claimed.

Players have a certain amount of time to claim a lottery prize before is it null and void. Many times players have about 180 days to claim their win before the ticket is voided. In this instance the player has three hundred and sixty six days to claim the win.

The winning ticket, which was from the Oregon Megabucks game, was drawn on August 29th and was worth $2.2 million. The winning numbers were 3-24-24-35-40-43. The Oregon Lottery is asking everyone to check for old lottery tickets so the prize can be claimed.

I know it’ll be hard to take a moment, from the daily grind, work, appointments, or even from of the worlds fishiest poker rooms and find out if you’re a millionaire, but, if you’ve ever bought a ticket in the city of Milwaukie, it might just be worth the effort! Imagine for a moment it was you, and your life was about to change. Now… imagine a lottery ticket worth 2.2 million dollars in a landfill somewhere, rotting. Read the whole story…


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