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The following story was reported last year by a very “interesting” blog called “Don’t mess with taxes”. To be honest, I am not reading it daily 🙂 but they reported a nice story that caught my attention. The power of Office Pool struck again!

Eight women who work in the Monongalia County, W.Va., sheriff’s department tax office are millionaires, thanks to their lucky numbers coming in Powerball Lottery.

Since the $276.3 million winning ticket wasn’t confirmed by the start of business Monday, all eight showed up at work. Wanna bet how many won’t be back once the lottery check clears?

Once their win is confirmed, they will receive a lump sum payout of $140 million before taxes. After Uncle Sam gets his cut, the women will have about $95.5 million, or roughly $12 million apiece.

And Monongalia County might need another lawman, too. One of the winners is married to a deputy sheriff.

Other winners: According to Online Gambling Paper, 12 other tickets matched all five numbers, but missed the Powerball. They were sold in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky (two), Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina (two), Pennsylvania (three) and Wisconsin.

Each of those ticket holders will collect $200,000. That’s, of course, pre-tax money. They’ll likely end up actually pocketing about half that.

Now, don’t ask why we have a Group feature within


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