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8th biggest Payout in Lottery History! And that happens when we are getting close to launching What are the odds that the next Mega millions winner will be a Lottogopher subscriber? Pretty high 🙂

Anyway, look at this great story. Her husband just lost his job, she is working in the press room for NBC. Hollywood could make a movie out of it!

7:23 AM PDT, May 6, 2010

PICO RIVERA, Calif. — The lucky couple that won Tuesday’s $266 million Mega Millions multi-state lottery drawing has come forward.

Jacki and Gilbert Cisneros appeared on the Today Show Thursday morning, announcing their new mega-millionaire status.

Jacki, a freelance television news employee at KNBC, said she was in shock when she discovered she had the winning ticket.

“I felt like my legs were going to fall out from beneath me,” she said.

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Jacki was working her overnight shift at KNBC when a bulletin came through, saying the winning ticket was purchased in Pico Rivera.

She called Gilbert around 2 a.m. and woke him up to check their ticket. She screamed in excitement when they realized they had won.

Jacki, despite her new fortune, finished out her shift and plans to continue doing so in the future.

“I can’t imagine not working,” she said.

“I probably will continue working for as long as KNBC will have me.”

Jacki once worked at KTLA on the assignment desk.

The couple bought the winning ticket at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue at 8760 Washington Blvd in Pico Rivera.

She wanted to go to KFC for dinner but her husband wanted Hawaiian Barbecue. Now they can have whatever they want for dinner.

The couple said they picked the numbers at random. Gilbert also recently lost his job.

They could take a one-time payout of roughly half the $266 million jackpot or opt for annual payments over 25 years.

As for what they’ll spend the money on, Jacki says they’ll buy a house. Gilbert says they’ll also “give back to those who need it,” including their church.

The restaurant gets $1.3 million for selling the winning ticket.

The owners say they were in disbelief when they heard they were winners too.

“We were like, don’t play like this, I get heart attacks like that,” Tiffany Hee said.

“But then when the California representative called that’s when we realized it wasn’t playing — it was real.”

Michael Yang believes he sold the lucky couple the winning ticket because he remembers seeing the number 8 — a lucky number in Chinese.

Twenty-eight tickets — seven sold in California, three each in New Jersey and Virginia, two each in Michigan, Missouri, New York and Ohio, and one each in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Texas — had five numbers, but didn’t have the Mega number.

The seven sold in California are each worth $179,428, while the other 21 are each worth $250,000, California Lottery officials announced. California law requires major payoffs of lottery games to be paid on a pari-mutuel basis.

The winning numbers drawn Tuesday night were 9, 21, 31, 36, 43 and the Mega number was 8.

The estimated $266 million jackpot was the eighth largest in the history of the game, which began in 2002.

The Mega Millions game is played in 38 states and the District of Columbia.

The jackpot for Friday’s draw will be $12 million.


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