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Select POWERBALL, MEGA Million or SuperLotto Plus… for the SAME PRICE AS THE STORE!

LottoGopher is easy to use. The first step is to choose the game you wish to play, Powerball, MEGA Millions, or SuperLotto Plus.

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select_tixSingle or Sets

Select if you would like to order tickets for a single drawing or for 8 drawings. Next, decide whether you want to play your ticket for a single draw or the next eight draws. You can order up to 20 tickets for a single draw or up to 10 sets of 8 for the next eight draws.

Ordering a set of 8 allows you to play a ticket in each of the next 8 draws of this lottery.

After filling in a set of eight with the same numbers, just click the option to make that ticket play automatically for you in each future draw. You can cancel at any time.

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play_iconPlay your lucky numbers

  • Select the number of tickets you want to order.
  • Select the exact numbers you want or use the "Quick Pick" button. Choose your numbers or click on "quick pick" for randomly selected numbers. Even with sets of eight, you can choose different numbers for each draw, or select quick picks.

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checkout_iconCheckout online
  • Review your order and select your membership: choose a one-day pass, a monthly or a yearly membership plan.
  • Once you check out, you will see your customized personal lottery dashboard to manage all of your tickets and winnings!
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pooling_tix_iconPooling tickets

Would you like to increase your odds of winning? You could create a group to pool your tickets with, or join one already established online. If any ticket in that group wins, everyone wins! This is how it works. Purchase your ticket or tickets. Then, browse the available groups for the game you are playing. One click and you can add your ticket to a group.

You can join a private group if you have been invited. You can also remove your ticket from a group if you wish. Joining or leaving a group can be done, up to 4 hours before that game's drawing. You can increase your odds further by playing in more than one group for the same game or playing more than one ticket in the same group. Never before, has it been so easy to win your state jackpot.

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alert_iconThe "Set It & Forget It" Option

We makes it easy to order your numbers once and you can play them in every subsequent drawing! We handle all of the purchasing and prize collections for you.

Probably, the best incentive for ordering online lottery tickets through LottoGopher, is that you can't lose, misplace or have them stolen. LottoGopher safely and securely stores each of your tickets within its management system so you never have to worry. 24/7 Access to your tickets is available using your LottoGopher account.

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incress_iconIncrease your odds & returns

Check odds, winners, and advanced number picks all in one place. Get lottery game results and jackpot information for all lottery games.

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trust_iconStart with trust and satisfaction
  • LottoGopher meets BBB accreditation standards, a commitment to trust, honesty, transparency and responsiveness.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you may cancel at any time for a full refund.
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lock_iconOrder Your Lottery Tickets with Ease & Security
  • Convenience, Flexibility and Security. These features make running out to your local store and standing in line for your lottery tickets, a thing of the past. Taking part in your state's drawings has improved, just like the phone and the television, thanks to LottoGopher.
  • Choose your LottoGopher plan option - the first single ticket purchase is free. And, the tickets you order online cost the same as those you get by going to the store, with none of the hassle. Don't miss a jackpot when ordering tickets is right at your fingertips.
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bag_iconExperience Lottery Jackpot Convenience
  • Get your state lottery tickets online and save time and frustration. It's simple to pick your numbers on both single ticket purchases and sets of eight. And, with sets of eight, you can choose to play the same numbers for the next eight draws with just the click of a button. Would you like to be able to play every draw without having to worry about missing one?
    Then a LottoGopher subscription is the way to go.
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