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California lottery

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About California Lottery

California Lottery has an exciting history. In 2015-16 alone, the California State lottery created 98 new millionaires in the Golden State, and dished out nearly $4 billion in prizes overall. All that winning got its start in 1984, when 57.9 percent of the state's voters approved a ballot measure called the California State Lottery Act. This act changed the state constitution to allow the creation of the California State Lottery. It also created the California State Lottery Commission, with members appointed by the Governor, to operate the California State Lottery. The first tickets were sold to the public in October of 1985.

Of course, the biggest winners are the people of California. Over 87 percent of lotto revenue goes to prizes and education funding.

Since its creation, the California Lottery has paid out over $27 billion in prizes. It has also generated more than $30.9 billion – or about $1 billion per year – for public education in the state. That money goes to K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and specialty schools.

California Lotto offers a lot of games to the public. Among the largest and most popular are its multi-state lotteries, which include Mega Millions and Powerball.

Powerball, another multi-state mega-jackpot lottery, was launched in California in April, 2013. The minimum prize amount for lucky Powerball jackpot winners is $40 million.

California became the 12th state to join the Mega Millions lottery in 2005, a major, multi-state lottery that offers a minimum jackpot of $40 million.

A third very popular option in the Golden State is SuperLotto Plus. It is the largest California-only game offered by the California State Lottery. This lottery has a minimum jackpot of $7 million.

How do you order a lottery ticket?

The traditional way to buy a lottery ticket is to find a licensed California Lottery retailer in your area. This may be a convenience store, drug store, liquor store, grocery market or gas station, among many other types of locations. Buying your ticket means going to that retailer to make your purchase. However, a growing number of California Lottery players bypass the need to go out and buy tickets now that they can order lottery tickets online, taking advantage of this quicker and more convenient means of playing their favorite lottery games.

How do you play the California Lottery?

This varies depending on which lottery you choose. To play Mega Millions, you pick five numbers between 1 and 70 and one MEGA number that's between 1 and 25.. You can also use Quick Pick to play randomly generated numbers. You can let Quick Pick choose just your first 5 numbers, only the Mega number, or all 6 numbers on your ticket. You can purchase as many plays as you like for each drawing, and there is an advance play option that lets you order plays in up to 20 drawings in a row.

To play Powerball, you pick 5 numbers from 1 to 69, and one Powerball number from 1 to 26. You can also use Quick Pick to let the computer generate numbers randomly for your first 5 numbers, just the Powerball

number or all 6 numbers in your entry. For this lottery too, you can purchase as many plays as you like per drawing, and using the advance play option allows you to play the same numbers for the next several drawings.

Playing SuperLotto Plus means picking 5 numbers from 1 to 47, then picking one Mega number from 1 to 27. For faster play, you can use the Quick Pick option. As with the other draw games, you can select Quick Pick for your first 5 numbers, your Mega number or all 6 numbers for your entry, and the advance play option allows you to play your numbers in up to 20 more draws.

After you pick your numbers for these games and pay for your tickets, you are officially entered and eligible to win. Your last step is to check your tickets after the winning numbers are drawn – unless, of course, your numbers come up. If that happens, there are a few extra steps to claim your prize. Check your numbers online or in person at local California Lottery retailers.

What time do they stop selling tickets?

Daily hours for CA lottery tickets sales differ from one licensed retailer to another if you are purchasing in person. However, on drawing nights, ticket sales are shut down at specific times. That cut-off point for draw entry is 7 pm (Pacific time) for Powerball, and 7:45 pm for Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus. Closing times for all other California Lotto games are listed on the CA Lottery website.

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